Our history

About us

Brighi S.r.l. designs plastic injection moulds, manufactures and supplies plastic parts since 1972, materials that have a wide range of application and allowing the realization of simple products and high technology products, improving the performances and reducing the relevant cost.

We take customer as center and our goal is to fulfill his requirements, providing a complete package and service. through production flow certified and in accordance to standard ISO 9001 / UNI EN ISO 9001.
We share our knowhow with the customer to perform an evaluation and then manufacture parts with already existing mold. We provide our competences during design phase thanks to a really skilled technical Department.


We establish a technical partnership with the customer in order to perform an optimization of the project, reaching the best ratio performance/cost, starting from the concept then developing together the idea, performing a cost analysis of the molding and sharing our knowledge about plastic material behaviour.


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